On the 11th of May 2023, Saturn and Uranus create a turning point for us when it comes to the structures of our lives. Saturn and Uranus have been moving towards each other since November of last year; yet on the 11th, Saturn and Uranus are putting distance in between them once more. Saturn and Uranus build the tension field of tradition and innovation and, since the end of March, they are in a quintile, an aspect speaking of abundance, creativity and manifestation. We have never come this far when it comes to the framework of our lives and, perhaps, we were able to let our foundation flourish and grow in this time.

Conversely, from mid May until mid October, we are slowly revisiting what has changed in our lives since January. Additionally, these next few months also tell a story of the morphological differences to the months of March, April, May and June 2022. What is building itself in our lives since then? What is morphologically different now compared to January or the second quarter of 2022? Perhaps the retrograde seasons of Uranus and Saturn this year give us the opportunity to change the structures within ourselves, so that in the fall, we can begin modelling our environment so that it mirrors our innards once more.

In conclusion, the 11th of May 2023 marks a pivotal moment as Saturn and Uranus weave a complex tapestry of tradition and innovation.

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