Embark on a journey of growth and change with Saturn and Uranus Today, 30 April 2023, as they bring their unique energies of evolutionary structure and assertive harmony to the forefront of our lives. Explore the interplay between lower and higher structures and how they strive for their highest expression, allowing for abundance and courage to shape our reality.

The numbers…

Saturn is in Pisces 6 Evolutionary Structure for the next 9 days. Pisces 6 is under the influence of Saturn & Uranus (structure) as well as Pluto (evolution). Pisces 6 is the first degree in the pentagram and these are the succeeding degrees: Ta 18 (2nd), Cn 30 (3rd), Li 12 (4th), Sg 24 (5th).

Uranus is in Taurus 19 Assertive Harmony for the next 11 days. Taurus 19 is under the influence of Venus & Eris (balance) as well as Mars (assertion). Taurus 19 is the last degree in the pentagram and these are the preceeding degrees: Le 1 (1st), Li 13 (2nd), Sg 25 (3rd), Pi 7 (4th).

Saturn and Uranus are in Phase 11, the second sextile phase, in a quintile since 25 March and until 28 June. The aspect is never exact during this time. And Saturn and Uranus are dancing the quintile in an on-and-off sort of way from the beginning of this year until the end of 2024.

…and the words

Since Uranus is in its fall in Taurus and Saturn in Pisces is stronger and the more obvious one of the two, we are faced with the lower structures of our lives more than with the higher structures. Our physical reality is calling to us talking about evolution and how our development structures our lives. Yet the higher structures are not gone, though quieter. They speak of harmony and how much courage it sometimes needs to stand up for the harmony that we have or have established during the course of our lives. 

Saturn and Uranus are talking in a quintile way which is associated with the need for growth, change and abundance. Like a growing child, the cooperation between lower and higher structures is maturing and striving to fulfill its highest expression in the most tangible way.

For the next nine days Saturn and Uranus are in this energy, so that we have time to listen to their song and let it change and evolve the tangible structure of our lives.

As celestial bodies align and energies intertwine, Saturn takes its place in Pisces 6 Evolutionary Structure, and Uranus graces Taurus 19 Assertive Harmony, setting the stage for a cosmic dance of growth, transformation, and harmony. Over the next nine days, these planetary forces will guide us through a period of reflection and evolution, highlighting the interplay between the lower and higher structures of our lives, and inviting us to embrace the courage needed to achieve balance and abundance.

Art work

“A Young Peasant Boy” by Jean-Baptiste Greuze

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