The Sun and Moon today, 30 April 2023, are having a conversation that can amplify our consciousness.

The numbers…

The Sun is in Taurus 11 Abundant Consciousness for the next day. Taurus 11 is under the influence of Moon & Saturn (consciousness) as well as Jupiter (abundance). Taurus 11 is the first degree in the pentagram and these are the succeeding degrees: Cn 23 (2nd), Li 5 (3rd), Sg 17 (4th), Aq 29 (5th).

The Moon is in Virgo during this time.

For the next day the Sun and the Moon are in phase 5, the trine phase, which is associated with beauty, love and harmony.

…and the words

The Sun is in its own energy at this time, and it’s paired with Jupiter, the expander and multiplier. The Sun and Jupiter are the most powerful electromagnetic sources in our solar system. At the moment Jupiter is a bit stronger than the Sun, but since the Sun is going towards the peak of her cycle, she’s catching up. These two plasma balls in the sky are amplifying our consciousness to the nth degree. 

Since Sun and Moon are in the trine phase, we are able to tap into long lost memories with ease if we want to. And it’s all about healing and ordering things because of Virgo’s influence on the Moon: a great time to remember bits and pieces about ancient healing methods! This is entirely possible with the Sun and Moon today, 30 April 2023, in this configuration.

Art work

The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel with “The Creation of Adam” by Leonardo da Vinci

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