Today, October 8, 2023, the Sun enters Libra 16. Let’s shed some light on this. The Sabian symbol for Libra 16 is:

A boat landing washed away. OR
After a storm a boat landing stands in need of reconstruction.

Libra 16

Keywords: Respite (ME Jones); Repair (D Rhudhyar)

The Sun went over a turning point and now it is time to for rest and recuperation. With the culmination of the eclipse season right ahead the proverbial wind is picking up so to speak. This is a perfect time to assess which parts of ourselves and our lives need repair, so that we can weather the storm that is coming. While a storm is a force of nature, it isn’t malign per se. It is up to us how we handle the change a storm brings. Let’s tie up some loose strings!

Image credits:

“Westminster Bridge” by Canaletto, 1754

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