Today, 7 May 2023, Sun and Moon brings us a flurry of transformative energies.

Last night Sun and Moon entered a new phase, the phase of the twelftile; we are faced with the unknown and hidden forces that may leave us feeling uncomfortable. We are asked to accept the lack of information, or the seeming absence of connection in certain areas of our lives, for what they are: a decision to forget in order to gain experience. 

As we bow to our sovereign self, we started the day with challenging Pluto energy, which continues for the next one and a half hours. Where can we accept not having control in our lives and what is transforming right in front of our eyes?

Around noon time we have a lovely Mars energy entering the stage. He holds his sword high into the noon sky bestowing us with exquisite energy, drive and motivation.

In the early afternoon Sedna plays an interlude of integrity, healing and transformation. It is short but poignant, so we better prick up our ears.

In the late afternoon and early evening the day might not settle as easily as we might wish as evolutionary Pluto is greeting us once more. This is further emphasized by the aspect closing the day, an aspect ruled by Uranus, also speaking of transformation. 

All of this prepares and sets the stage for the twelftile that will come about during the night. We may dream about things we don’t understand but feel a familiarity about them that opens us up to the infinite world inside of us. But this magic not only happens when we sleep; we have access to this side of ourselves at any given point in time – that is, have we decided to remember who we are and what we are doing.

In conclusion, on this remarkable day, 7 May 2023, Sun and Moon create a powerful synergy that drives us towards transformation and growth. Embrace the cosmic energies and unlock your true potential as you navigate through life’s ever-changing landscape.

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