Good morning and welcome to this beautiful new day. Today, 8 May 2023, Sun and Moon might have brought to us interesting dreams, but we may struggle to remember them because the angelic energy of the twelftile is hard to grasp and anchor down. We do well when we embrace our forgetfulness as a sovereign act, as much as it may puzzle and frustrate us.

The day begins with a high-vibing vastness and good fortune that may be difficult to access; turn to Jupiter to hear more on what this is about. Also, Eris shows her pretty face swiftly in the morning, which may feel like jovial luck slipping right out of our hands, as Eris is shining her glorious light of mischief onto us. Rest assured though, discordian Eris brings balance and so it might help to smile the ugly right in its face.

This slightly bumpy morning transforms into a lucky streak during the day as Sun and Moon kiss each other in a quintile. Jupiter takes our hand once more, but this time, instead of reaching his hand down to us, he is standing right next to us and pulls us into his expansive universe. Everything we see, think or do is a little bit bigger during the main sun hours of this day. We may need to be careful not to get burned by him today.

In the evening, things settle down as Sedna and Saturn take the wheel; Sedna catches the ball from Jupiter and might tell us to slow down and turn inwards. She has the gift of healing written into her celestial essence, which we may use to heal our soul connection and enhance the integrity with our higher selves. Also Saturn has an evening treat for us: he helps us connect to our ancient past. Long-forgotten traditions might come up that we may not even recognize as such because aeons may have passed and humanity is currently not attuned to these cultural ways; a great time to turn inwards and tap into the big flow of the universe.

The day closes out and the night begins – with the Sun and the Moon; the higher emanations of our lovely luminaries themselves tug us into bed, could it be more fairy tale-like? Father Sun is standing in the doorway watching the scene from a distance as Mother Moon is sitting on the edge of the bed telling us our most favorite story. We may have heard this one a thousand times, but it never gets old. Slowly our eyelids get heavier and heavier as the pillows get softer and softer.

We may dream of waves of water – emotions changing and breaking onto the shore of an elysian island. What we may find on the island is part of another story though.

As we conclude today, 8 May 2023, Sun and Moon guide us through a day of transformation and growth, leading us on a journey from a bumpy morning to a fortunate afternoon and introspective evening. Embrace the celestial energies as you navigate the expansive universe and connect with your ancient past. As night falls, let the tender embrace of the Sun and Moon lull you into a peaceful slumber, preparing you for the wonders of a new day and the potential discoveries awaiting on the shores of your dreams.

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